19 Exciting gift ideas for a newborn baby girl in 2020

19 Exciting gift ideas for a newborn baby girl in 2020

19 Exciting gift ideas for a newborn baby girl in 2020

Shopping for gifts for a newborn is fun! But a little… stressful as well.

A newborn baby’s birth is a joyful moment not only to the family but also for friends and relatives. It can be a little confusing to give something to a newborn baby, particularly for those who have no experience in this field. Someone may like to offer something exclusive and coveted by the newborn baby’s parents. If you’re like me, you want to get the perfect gift–something that’s going to be enjoyed, used and accepted. You know, something you’ll spend your money on.

Here is a full list of 19 unique newborn gift ideas.

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Imagine presenting this unique box with hand-drawn images and the design of Baby Girl. Envisage their enjoyment and excitement when they open the cloak and find the gift collection inside.

All these baby hampers are created individually to provide all baby girls with an impressive array of presents.

Baby gifts included-Soft plush 6” pink stuffed bear, large swaddling muslin cloth, pink cotton bodysuit with neck envelope, pink bandana bib pink cotton, pink socks, baby powder, baby soap, baby shampoo or lotion, baby brush and comb set, 2 emergency slides and a super-soft washcloth perfect for baby soap, baby brush and comb set. This beautiful box of the gift Add value as it can be used to save those wonderful memories, including cards, clothes, records, toys, etc.

This gift package has a variety of different styles and patterns to suit every occasion. The
baby headbands assortment includes lace bows, pink knot bows, black striped bows,
butterfly bows, a flower, floral bows, suede bows, pink gold, grey headbands!

Since the baby is newly born you definitely need something supremely soft and comfortable. So here each headband is made of soft and gentle nylon fabric on the skin of the baby, even suitable for the most sensitive and delicate babies. The stretchy, nude bands can be stretched by hand to fit a baby’s head all the way up to the baby girls. Babies don’t feel there’s even the headband!

Spread the wings, honey! The Beautiful Chirps Activity Gym is going to bring your chick-a-
dee up to new playtime fun heights. In her giggles garden, mom and dad can also use the
five hanging toys to bond with the baby. Bring your baby girl a heart rattling or a ladybug
bead hunter wherever you go to turn your everyday place into a botanical garden. For
further toys and more time together, the toy bar includes extra loops.

However, What’s more, sweet than spending time with your baby? Buying this brand helps
support the pink power mom network, supporting hospitals across the country for breast
cancer. So this is a perfect gift as it will bring happiness to the new-born as well as to the
cancer patient. Go for it!


The portable Mikilife diaper pad is essential for all the infants and new-borns. This changing mat is a compact, lightweight model, fold up like a small bag with a comfortable handle.

So when it’s time to change the diaper of your baby, just unfold it to its full size where you
will have plenty of space to position your baby while accessing the three internal pockets
that hold accessories. This wonderful portable pad is 100% waterproof mat and the in-built
large thick head cushion make it safe and comfy at all times for your Lovely Baby. Choosing this gift will be definitely worth.

From the top of her head to the end of her toes, with this adorable Minnie Mouse gift set
for new-born girls, your future fan of Disney will be pretty pink.

This three-piece set includes a hat, socks and no-scratch mitts, all featuring images of the
beloved character of Minnie Mouse. With a grey cuff, pink bow and stuffed dimensional
Minnie ears, the pink hat are highlighted.

Designed for new-born baby girls from 0-3 months of age, pink and Minnie-themed no
scratch mitts keep baby’s fingernails tucked away safely to avoid scratches. The gentle socks feature art on the front and the logo od Disney on the back. So, for a girl, this is the perfect gift anyone can give..

Who doesn’t want to follow the growth of their new baby? This lovely milestone blanket is
the perfect way to track the growth of a new baby. Monthly baby pictures are preserved on
the blanket for years to come, and this blanket is a lovely retain.

We recommend buying this Milestone Blanket if you are looking for a specific baby shower
gift or for new-born to stand out from the crowd. We guarantee that the future mother gets
the best-unparalleled gift. Every mother likes to take her kid’s pictures every month, so she
will love this unique blanket as well. This is surely an ideal gift for the baby shower and for
new-born baby girl.

These precious baby bibs are perfect for every occasion. This perfect package of Baby bibs has a 2-layer design-with organic cotton layer at the top and polyester fleece base layer. Every layer is hypoallergenic, absorbent and convenient.

The bossy sassy bandanna keeps your babies dry so that you don’t have to spend a lot of
time washing it or being worry about causing rash or irritation.

Every parent loves sweet and useful gifts. The baby-bandana bibs will be the best baby-
shower gift and the registry gift for babies.

Add a little magic to the baby shower by gifting this baby diaper caddy organizer. Any new
mother must have a great gift for a baby registry. Use it to make a baby shower gift bag-fill it in with clothes, wipes, diaper or anything you think your new mother would need.

This multi-purpose nursery bin is a gender-neutral modern cool design that complements any kind of nursery decor. You can keep your changing station’s cloth diapers, wipes,  hanging pads, pacifier clip, books, diaper rash cream on your changing station; this is very easy to carry around the house, you can even use it as a kid travel organizer kit, or store arts and crafts, or as an organizer for crochet storage.

The baby car seat covers from JJ Cole are stylish, smart and intended to keep your baby girl warm and cosy throughout the year. This JJ Cole is perfect and is a must for a newborn in winter! It helps to keep the baby out of the cold and protects her against the wind.

The combined effect of nylon and soft fleece helps to fend off the cold and deflect rain,
while the elasticated outer band extends to fit most infant carriers and standard strollers. If the seasons change, unpack the flap or simply remove the top completely to let your baby enjoy the sunny weather.

You found it finally! A trendy, modern and safe teething pacifier for your baby. These
leashes are securely attached to your baby’s clothes to ensure that the accessories and
soothes of your baby will remain clean and off the ground. For your little one, it’s a must!

The BeebiCo soothe pacifier clip with chew bead is carefully designed from odourless,
bendable, durable silicone of high quality to enable your child to fully enjoy the numerous
chewing textures that provide immediate teething pain relief and gum massage. So all these features make this product an ideal gift for a newborn baby girl.

Bebamour baby sleeping bag can not only be used as a baby sleeping bag but can also be
used as a blanket, quilt in a baby crib, swaddling for outings, wrap in summer air-
conditioned room, autumn and winter sleeping bag.

Bebamour sleeping bag has both acute and funny little design of a monster that is perfect
for your baby. Four colours to choose from. It’s not just the baby’s sleep protector, it’s also a good baby companion. A cute look will keep a good mood for your baby.

This Joys Carter’s is a set of blankets for baby girl. It is a pack of 7 blankets. These blanket
are imported material which makes this product an ideal choice for a gift.

The blanket is made up of soft and breathable material. Also, the product is 100 per cent cotton.

This blanket will keep your baby girl comfortable and with warmth. So don’t waste your time and go shop for this product and gift it to your loved ones.

This adorable 16-piece new gift set for baby girls are exclusively from Gift Baskets from
Nikki. The basket comes in a different medium: medium basket; in small and large, it also
offers similar new baby baskets.

The medium basket includes Plush Elephant, Large Receiving Blanket, Boxed Clothing Set
(Shirt, Hats, Booties), Baby Wash Cloths (Set of 4), Soft Book with Teething Ring, Rubber
Duck with Wash Cloth, Picture Frame and BPA-Free Baby Bottle. The size of the basket is
about 16″x 11.”

This deluxe baby girl gift basket is a lovely way to welcome a new baby and be sure to
appreciate some useful baby essentials for the new mom.

The first year of your child is a special moment in your life, and we know you will remember this forever, as your baby continues to grow. For this reason, the “First-Year Photo Frame” from Creative Wabbit is designed to be the right baby shower gift or on their first birthday present.

Monthly photo collection will help you capture the growth of your baby in their most special year. Treasure each smile, bath time photo or favourite toy with a monthly photo so you’ll have a wonderful keepsake of your child’s amazing first year at the end of the year.

The First Year Photo Frame of Creative Wabbit is the perfect gift as a first birthday gift, baby shower or baby registry.

Send out new baby gifts to new moms and daddy’s just like this Sweet Girl Baby Gift Basket! It’s loaded for the new baby girl with soft cuddly clothes. Gift pack is consists of (matching pants, t-shirts, hat & booties), dinghy, sticks, rubber duck and washcloth set, extra baby book, fun teether friend and lovely cuddly teddy bear! Gift package.

Useful baby gifts for proud new parents are always welcome present! Clothing is 100%
cotton and 0-6 months old for infants. This luxurious baby gift basket is a practical and fun
way to welcome a new baby. The basket is available in two different colours that are blue
and pink.

Keep bath time enjoyable while using Johnson’s Bath Discovery Baby Gift Collection to wash and nourish your little one’s skin as well. This bath time set contains 7 hypoallergenic skincare products–including baby wash & shampoo, lotion, towels and diaper cream–all nicely tucked in a nice and reusable bath caddy. It is ideal for families with infants or children.

The formulas of Johnson have been specially developed for baby’s unique and sensitive skin so that they will be gentle, never harsh. They are suited for everyday use. In this baby bath set, the skincare requirements are tested by doctors and formulated to satisfy or exceed the highest international standard.

So without any hesitation, you can choose this product as a gift for your loved ones.

This package is perfect for gifting to a newborn baby girl as it has the most comfortable and cute clothes. This product comes with a laundry bag too.

Luvable Friends Assorted Socks 8 Pack is made up of soft fabric which is ideal for wearing on a daily basis that is comfortable on the feet of your baby. This stretchable design makes no fuss dressing and fits properly. Available from 0-6 months in several different designs and sizes!

This 6 IN 1 warmer and sterilizer Is not just a warmer bottle, but also a formula brewer, a
baby food heater, a frozen food defroster, a bottle and an egg boiler! If you would like quick
steam to warm milk, add a small amount of water (not more than 100ml) and select the
Sterilization button. So, this is just not a gift but also a useful product for the parents of the

To conclude-

With the reference to the different reviews, the best gift according to us is creative wabbit baby handprint and footprint safe ink pad kit photo frame, and this because memories are always cherished so photo frame can be proved to be an ideal gift. Also, this enables the parents to track the growth of the baby which is also quite sentimental. So if want a suggestion from above 19 gifts ideas then you should definitely go with this photo frame. Go ahead and shop for your ideal gift. If you want to gift a present to a baby boy then check outthis.

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