13 Best Sterilizers for Your Baby’s Bottle

13 Best Sterilizers for Your Baby’s Bottle

13 Best Sterilizers for Your Baby's Bottle

If you are expecting a new member to your family or are a parent of a new-born, you must be worried all the time about your baby’s health and safety. Milk is the most important source of nutrition for any baby. Making sure this milk is delivered to the baby without any concerns is also quintessential. Baby bottles are commonly used to give milk to the baby whenever he/she is hungry, but is the bottle that’s being used by your baby clean? Don’t worry. In come, baby bottle sterilizers to take out any germs that may be lurking on the surface of the baby bottle that may harm your innocent little one. This guide will take you through anything that you need to know about baby bottle sterilizers. We also review the top baby bottle sterilizers available in the market to help you pick the best one suited for your baby.

Baby bottle sterilizers reviewed

Here are the top 13 baby bottle sterilizers reviewed for you to find the perfect pick for your precious child.

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Unique Features-

  • Multifunctional sterilizer
  • BPA and chemical free
  • Keeps bottles sterilised for 24 hours

This 4-in-1 machine can function as a Sterilizer only, Dryer only, Sterilizer-cum-Dryer or a Storage Rack. It is an electric sterilizer that can hold up to 6 bottles. It uses natural steam without any chemicals and is BPA free. The machine turns off automatically once the sterilising process is complete.

It can keep the bottle sterilized up to 24 hours. It works with bottles of all shapes and sizes. It takes only around 8 minutes for the process to complete. The stainless steel hearing plate on the device prevents rusting. The machine is heavy, weighing in at 6.25 pounds. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Why We Like This

  1. Fast sterilization
  2. Prevents overheating
  3. Can hold 6 bottles

Unique Features-

  • HEPA air filter system
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Not a portable option

This electric sterilizer-cum-dryer is made with a unique HEPA air filter system. The earlier versions came with a mechanical knob but it has now been replaced with a LED display panel that is easy to use.

The large barrel of this machine can hold up to 24 bottles. It shuts down automatically is the water dries up, thus preventing any risk of burning. Bololo’s bottle sterilizer is a perhaps the heaviest sterilizer around, weighing over 6.6 pounds. Portability is an issue with this device. It works with glass, plastic and other types of bottles.

Why We Like This

  1. Can hold a whopping 24 bottles
  2. Easy-to-use LED panel
  3. Works with different types of bottles

Unique Features-

  • Flexible design
  • Can kill 99.9% germs
  • Made of polypropylene

AVENT electric sterilizer by Philips has a 3-in-1 design which allows you to fix in the bottles with flexibility and later remove them easily. It uses natural steam for sterilisation and claims to kill 99.99% of germs.

The machine is fast and the sterilisation takes around 6 minutes. The bottles remain sterilized for up to 24 hours. It can fit 6 Philips AVENT bottles. This sterilizer is fairly compact. It weighs around 3 pounds. The material used is polypropylene. It is not dishwasher-safe.

Why We Like This

  1. Portable
  2. Quick Sterilisation in just 6 minutes
  3. Easy to load/unload

Unique Features-

  • Microwave bottle sterilizer
  • Cheapest popular option available
  • Lightweight and compact design

If you prefer microwave steam sterilizer over an electric one, Phillips has got you covered again. Philips AVENT microwave steriliser is a cheaper and faster alternative to its namesake electric counterpart.

The sterilising process takes anywhere between 2 to 6 minutes depending on the wattage supplied. It can hold 4 bottles and has a compact and portable design. This is the most cost effective option of all the ones listed here. Its lightweight design makes it
an easy fit in any microwave.

Why We Like This

  1. Fast sterilization at the right voltage
  2. The best microwave sterilizer available
  3. Cheap

Unique Features-

  • 360° air current sterilization
  • Dry food heater
  • Compact design

With its unique design, this baby bottle sterilizer holds the bottles obliquely ensuring no dead angle disinfection with 360° air current around the bottle. The sterilisation is done within 5 minutes.

The machine makes very little sound and its height is adjustable making it fairly compact. It can also be used for heating dried food. The machine is built with anti-reverse outflow preventing secondary pollution.

Why We Like This

  1. Around the body sterilization
  2. Fast
  3. Near noiseless

Unique Features-

  • Two tiered design
  • Dry run protection
  • Can steam food

This 5-in-1 sterilizer and dryer by Elechomes has a useful two-tiered structure. It has a 360° sterilization system and works well at 600W. It can pack up to 10 standard baby bottles or 7 wide caliber bottles.

Another special feature is that it can be used to reheat food and even steam eggs! It has an LED touchscreen and a see-through body. It also has a free measuring cup included.

The multifunctional device is also very easy to clean. The dry-run protection ensures the device does not run without water, hence increasing the machine life.

Why We Like This

  1. Good looking body
  2. Prevents overheating
  3. Can pack up 10 bottles

Unique Features-

  • Heating with water insulation
  • Food grade material
  • Semiconductor temperature sensors

This product by Grownsy is both a baby bottle/baby food warmer and a baby bottle steriliser. With just 30ml water, it can warm a bottle between 3-7 minutes. The sterilising is done with steam at 100°C.

It has a LCD display with accurate temperature control. It is made of food grade PP material. The baby food is heated with water insulation which is healthier for babies. The inbuilt semiconductor sensor maintains the temperature for 24 hours.

Why We Like This

  1. Efficient sterilization
  2. Accurate temperature control
  3. Retains heat for a long time

Unique Features-

  • Sterilisation for half a day
  • One button operation
  • Easy to clean structure

This sterilizer and dryer by Wabi can store up to 8 bottles. The chamber is designed especially for easy loading and can also work with nebulizers, pacifiers, teething toys, etc. The sterilising takes between 8 to 15 minutes. It can keep the bottles sterilised for up to 12 hours. It has a unique memory function that remembers your previous settings and truly makes the operation one-button program. The exclusive design of the bottle rack allows steam to directly enter into the bottles ensuring better cleaning. It also comes with an extra plate track for better loading.

Why We Like This

  1. Well designed storage
  2. Unique memory feature
  3. Can store 8 bottles

Unique Features-

  • Multi functional device
  • Touchscreen control
  • Intertek US Certified

This is a 5-in-1 device by TBI Pro that can function as a milk warmer, milk defroster, food heater, formula heater and bottle sterilizer. The warmer takes around 5 minutes. It has a touchscreen LCD control. The sterilizer comes with complimentary tongs that can be used to pick the bottles after sterilization. The device is Intertek US certified. At less than 2 pounds, this machine is extremely portable. This device is perfect for travelling or transportation.

Why We Like This

  1. Highly portable
  2. Fast sterilization
  3. Easy to use even though it's multi-functional

Unique Features-

  • Temperature resistant material
  • Also has a baby food heater
  • Automatic shutdown

This device by Smartip can work as a warmer, sterilizer and also a baby food heater. It can hold up to two bottles at a time. The sterilisation takes 8-20 minutes. To prevent any charring, the machine shuts down automatically if the water level is low. It has a
LCD display with real time information of water temperature. It is made up of high temperature resistant material. The baby food heater also works well.

Why We Like This

  1. Good baby food heater
  2. Accurate real time temperature information
  3. Simple LCD display

Unique Features-

  • Fast heating mechanism
  • Built in thermostat
  • One button setup

BOPEN’s baby bottle sterilizer can warm/sterilize two bottles at a time. Fast heating mechanism is implemented in this device. The temperature can be controlled by LED touch panel. It has a one button setup design. The product is made up of food grade plastic that does not produce any harmful chemicals during heating. After the heating is finished, the device goes into the heat preservation mode. The built-in thermostat keeps the milk at the same temperature for feeding at any time.

Why We Like This

  1. User friendly LED touch panel
  2. One button setup
  3. Heat preservation mode

Unique Features-

  • Also has a defroster and stranger
  • Coated heating plate
  • ETL Certification

This compact sterilizer also has 5-in-1 functionality. It can be used as a sterilizer, slow warmer, quick warmer, defroster and steamer. It has a coated heating plate that makes cleaning easy. The device has a simple LCD display. It can fit bottles of all sizes. With an ETL certification and a customer service team, Gourmia presents an easy to maintain product. It is for single bottle use making it very light and portable. It is dishwasher-safe. These features make it a very user friendly device.

Why We Like This

  1. Highly portable
  2. Dishwasher safe
  3. Easy to clean

Unique Features-

  • BPA and chemical free
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Baby food heating option

This portable sterilizer can be also be used as a bottle warmer and a baby food heater. It can accommodate two bottles simultaneously. It works well with plastic, glass or silicon bottles. The device can also be used to sterilize pacifiers. It has a simple one knob temperature control. The machine is completely BPA-free. It automatically stops on reaching the perfect temperature, thus preventing overheating.

Why We Like This

  1. Works with all bottle types
  2. Simple knob control
  3. Prevents overheating

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick
ELECHOMES Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

We reviewed 13 leading baby bottle sterilizers and the Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryers comes up trumps. This is best device to keep your baby safe and healthy. As a parent, the tasks of your baby do make your life much more hectic. Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer eases up some pressure on you.

All other products were either not as feature rich or were expensive compared to this device. With its extra large capacity, it can hold up to 10 bottles at a time. Anyone can operate this machine with its easy to use LED screen.

The device kills 99.9% of the germs and is itself super easy to clean. Weighing less than 4 pounds, it is portable and compact. If you still have some questions or want to know more about baby bottle sterilizers, feel free to keep scrolling.


Q) What are baby bottle sterilizers?

A) Killing the germs that may be attached to any food or medicine related object is known as sterilising. Baby bottles, too, can have germs and hence need to be sterilized. Baby bottle sterilizers are gadgets that help in sterilising the baby bottles so any baby can suck on the bottle without the parents having to worry about any germs or diseases.

Q) What are the different types of baby bottle sterilizers?

A) There are broadly four categories of baby bottle sterilizers, namely, cold water, microwave, UV and electric. In cold water sterilizers, the bottle is simply soaked in cold water and the germs are killed. In microwave, steam is used for disinfection. UV rays destroy any microorganisms in UV sterilizers. Electric sterilizers are more popular than their counterparts due to ease of use
and high portability.

Q) What makes a baby bottle sterilizer different from a baby bottle warmer?

A) Baby bottle warmers are used to heat the milk in a bottle uniformly without creating heat spots that can cause trouble to the baby, but they don’t necessarily sterilize the bottle. Baby bottle sterilizers, on the other hand, disinfects the bottle, thus preventing any dangerous microorganisms from entering a child’s body.

Q) How do baby bottle sterilizers work?

A) Baby bottle sterilizers use high temperature heat from steam, UV rays and so on to kill the germs that may be present on the bottle’s surface. Some sterilizers even deodorize and dry the bottle by blowing hot air, thus making the process even more faster and safer.

Q) What do you look for in the best baby bottle sterilizers?

A) Size and Capacity
Baby bottle sterilizers come in different sizes and different bottle holding capacities. It’s up to the parents to decide which one to pick. For example, if you have twins you need to choose a sterilizer with at least two bottle capacity.

Other than their basic job of sterilising, baby bottle steriliser come with a lot of other features. Many of the steriliser have a drying feature that makes the operation hassle-free. Other notable features include child lock, digital timer, etc.

This is a key feature as you would want to be able to take the sterilizer wherever you go with your baby. It can be a vacation or an unexpected trip to someplace far, if the sterilizer is portable, things become far more easier.

Q) Do baby bottle sterilizers actually work?

A) Yes, they do. Sterilizers use simple and essential processes that have been used since, literally, centuries. They just make these processes quicker and more hygienic. This is why baby bottle sterilizers are better than conventional sterilizing methods.

Q) Are baby bottle sterilizers safe?

A) Let’s get this one straight: ‘BPA free’, that’s the keyword you are looking for. If it’s BPA free, it’s safe. BPA is a chemical found in hard plastics that can be harmful is consumed. All modern baby bottle sterilizers are BPA free and use high heat. They are safe to use.

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