11 Humidifiers to Buy When You Need the Best for Your Baby

11 Humidifiers to Buy When You Need the Best for Your Baby

11 humidifiers to buy when you need the best for your baby

Nothing brings happiness like the birth of a baby. Besides, all the happiness that prevails is easily taken over by worries. They start bothering over small things. Well, with a humidifier on your side you can strike off one of that from the list.

Let your toddler breathe free and hassle-free. The humidifier not only helps your little munchkins breathe freely but also to protect their skin against dry air. Particularly during winters. Hence they can sleep happily while the humidifiers do its task tediously. Having said that a lot might put forward the question, 

Is humidifier safe for babies?
Yes, absolutely. Particularly cool mist humidifiers are best for your infants. A few benefits include,

  • Humidifiers are known to restrict the spread of airborne diseases like cold and cough.
  • It is a known fact that snoring will lead to disturbance to people around you. A humidifier reduces and helps you with snoring.
  • They are also helpful while you are suffering from allergies.
  • You can add essence and simply fill the room with some good fragrance.
  • It also prevents your skin and hair against dryness. During winter you kids may suffer from skin dryness. This is prevented if you have a humidifier home.

So it is a brilliant move to have one on your side. But it might be to much work for you to decide one all by yourself. That’s why we have come up with a list which might help you with your shopping decisions.

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Here are The 11 Humidifiers to Buy When You Need The Best for Your Baby.

First of our list is the frida baby humidifier. A few features are listed below,

Unique Features-

  • The humidifier cools up the air and helps in retaining it for about 12 hours. So your baby can sleep all night without you having to worry. Moreover, the knob makes adjusting the mode of mist even easier. Twist and turn and set it according to your wish. From gentle to tropical rain forest, it can be changed with a simple change.
  • It can cover an area of 320 sq.ft withe ease. So every time you add Frida vapour drops or any other essence you can smell it all over the place.
  • Along with the nightlight, the humidifier makes the surrounding suitable for your baby. The colour changing night light helps in comforting your little one.
  • Cleaning the humidifier isn't a difficult task at all. But it requires to be cleaned at least once in a week.

Have some good dreams as this humidifier is noise-free. The peaceful sleep of your toddler will in no way be disturbed. Here are some of its cons

Unique Features-

  • It is lightweight. So if you are planning to stay over your mom's place or about to go for a vacation, you can carry it along.
  • Kids catch a cold very easily. But the humidifier ensures that it reduces the possibility. The humidifier does this by adding moisture to the air that you inhale.
  • It is petite and can be kept in any space. The 360° degree humidification and the led display are added benefits. However, you cannot add any essence to the humidifier. It is also something that can be cleaned up in no minutes.
  • The humidifier is perfect for a medium-sized room or an office room. Wherever you decide to put it in, you and your newborn can relax happily in its presence.

Next on our list is Vicks mini filter free cool mist Humidifier. Here are the few advantages that come along with it,

Unique Features-

  • The Vicks humidifier comes with a transparent tank with a capacity to hold up to 0.5 gallons. This allows you to keep a check on the water levels.
  • The humidifier keeps your kid out of reach of the flu and cold. These kinds of viruses may get hold of your kid, particularly in winter seasons when the humidity levels drop invariably.
  • Once filled it won't require a refill for the next 20 hours. If you are in a situation where both of you go to work and your kids stay home alone, this might be the one for you.
  • It weighs around 2.95 pounds giving you the freedom to move freely and as per your needs. You can also add vapour in it. This fills the air with fragrance. This is highly helpful when your kid is sick.

Weighing 2 pounds and a tank to hold about 2.2 litres it easily finds a place in your “to buy” list. When it has totally exhausted the water, it will be turned off automatically. Hence, it becomes extremely safe to be used. Some other important key features are,

Unique Features-

  • If you want essence can be added. Feel the fragrance getting spread all through your room. Nothing comforts your kid's mood more than good smell.
  • You might be worried about the sound it might make. But the fact is with a sound level of 28 DB you will hardly notice it. Does it look like it needs to be cleaned? Do so without sparring much of your time.
  • Once the tank is full, it can last as long as 30 hours. The 360° rotating nozzle makes kids enjoy in their wonderland while the humidifier discharges its task.

Be it for your baby’s room or your office you can simply use it in the way it pleases. It is available in 8 different colours. If you are in a quest to find which would accompany you wherever you and your kid go, this would the one. About 4 pounds you can move it around easily. A few add-on features include,

Unique Features-

  • Using a humidifier is one of the non-medical ways of overcoming dry cold, cough or dry skin. This humidifier is also proven medically to forbid any sort of bacterial growth.
  • The humidifier covers an area of 500 square feet. And it can work for 24 hours without demanding a refill. Further, it does not need any filter to work.
  • Ultrasonic waves provide mist that is cold. After a heavy day's work, your kids can sleep happily in the presence of the humidifier.

Winter is here. Ensure that the air which your kid breathes is enough moisturized. While you are busily engaged in the festive spirit let the humidifier take care of purifying the air. Especially if your kid has a dry cough, sinus irritation or nose bleeds the humidifier will be of high use. Why this one?

Unique Features-

  • Fill it with enough water and see it work seamlessly for 24 hours. A gallon of water can be filled in it. It has a 360° lid and goes off once the tank has been emptied. The nozzle ensures it works in all direction.
  • It measures around 4 pounds and can be transferred from room to room when you intend to do so. Maintaining the humidifier will not consume much time from your busy schedule. A few minutes and it's all neat and clean again ready to go in for another shift of work.
  • Cool mist humidifiers are good for infants. With the help of it, you can fight off the disease-causing bacteria without much difficulty.

The humidifier is light weighed and small that it can even find a place in your car. So if you wish to go on a long ride with your newborn, you will no longer have to worry about the air your loved one would inhale. Other notable facts of it include,

Unique Features-

  • The humidifier once filled will require another 6 more hours for another refill. Are you in need of one for your office or room? It will fulfil both requirements.
  • A lot of people like a calm and serene surrounding while they work. The humidifier ensures that a peaceful environment is provided to you as it produces extremely less noise.
  • The Lou humidifier has a 7 colour night light option which can be easily switched with the help of a single button. The humidifier comes with two buttons. You can choose continuous spraying for 6 hours. Or spraying at regular intervals for 12 hours. It can be powered with a USB cable as well.

The nozzle is easily adjustable. And the speed can also be fixed. Why do you want to purchase it?

Unique Features-

  • A 360° nozzle makes sure the air around is highly moisturized. The humidifier houses an automatic shut off function. So every time the liquid inside is finished it gets off automatically. So there is no danger of it getting overheated.
  • It has a 1-litre tank which can work for straight 20 hours. So once it's full you will not be needed to refill it again anytime in the future. If you are searching one to put in a room of 350 square feet then this will perfectly fit in there.
  • You can also get your favourite smell in the air by simply adding it to the humidifier. Less sound and low weigh might be another feature of it.

This 2-in-1 humidifier is manufactured to act as both diffuser and a humidifier. Good smell gives you good ideas and helps you relax while stressed. So add a few drops of the essence and just observe the magic. To sum up its features

Unique Features-

  • Kids room, bedroom or your office space, fill it with goodness. It has a 3 most speed settings which are completely adjustable. Whenever your kid suffers from dry throat or breathing problems the humidifier is highly in futile.
  • The operation is carried effectively while producing just 28 dB of sound. So it in no way gets between you and your work.
  • The Spiral air duct technology turns the air into a fine mist. So you can put your money in with great trust.
It is 2 ft in height and suitable for covering a wider and larger area. The features of it are,

Unique Features-

  • For a room which is of 215-430 sq.ft, it might be the right choice. It is easily portable and does not eat up all your time in maintenance.
  • The auto shut off option seems to be extremely handy. It prevents the humidifier from getting heated up when the liquid is all drained off. Thus, making it safe and reliable. It can easily hold up to 4 litres in the tank provided.
So let your kids play, jump and sleep while the humidifier is busy making the air good.

The ultrasonic humidifier works effectively but makes it a point that they produce less sound. Things which you can expect to get along with it are,

Unique Features-

  • The 4-litre tank allows the machine to work for about 20 - 30 hours.
  • It has a night and sleep mode wherein you put off the light to rest. Also, the LED screen allows you to set the level as per your wish. However, 40-60% is considered to be an ideal one.
  • It is apt for big rooms. So, your kids can roam around happily and inhale some good air.
So let your kids play, jump and sleep while the humidifier is busy making the air good.


Q) What are humidifiers for babies?

A) Baby humidifiers are designed to help your infant breathe freely when the air has lost its moisture content.

Q) What Are The Different Types of humidifiers for babies?

A) The two types of humidifiers which are available for babies are warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier. But the cool most humidifiers are highly recommended for babies.

Q) What makes humidifiers for babies different from normal humidifiers?

A) There isn’t much of a difference between the two. Both moisturize the atmosphere. However, the cool mist keeps the air cold.

Q) How do humidifiers for babies work?

A) It provides a number of advantages. Also, it is a proven fact that humidifiers keep bacteria away. This protecting your children against cold and other flu.

Q) What do you look for in the best humidifiers for babies?

A) You have landed upon a good one if you have fulfilled the following questions,

  • The time it lasts for
  • How easy it is to maintain
  • Can the essence be added or not
  • Is it easily portable

Q) Do humidifiers for babies actually work?

A) Yes, they help your little ones get some good sleep and inhale some healthy air.

Q) Are/Is humidifiers safe for babies?

A) Yes. Further, a lot of humidifiers come with the auto-off option which makes them even more safer.

Q) The best of all is the frida baby humidifier. Why?

A) The reason it tops my list is it because it encompasses both the humidifier and the diffuser. Moreover, it weighs less and once the tank is filled you can wait for another 12 hours to refill. Also, maintenance of the humidifier is easy. It might be sufficient enough to fill a small size room.

With growing concerns over the purity of the air we breathe and pollution the humidifier turns out to be a saviour. Gift your newborn with something that would keep him or her healthy. Nothing is so important that the healthy smile of your loved one.

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