9 Best Baby High Folding Chair For Newborns 2019

9 Best Baby High Folding Chair For Newborns 2019

9 Best Baby High Folding Chair For Newborns 2019

As your child develops, they will require transitional tools to go from one stage to the next. One of these transitional tools is high chairs. A high chair is made for that time between nursing and childhood. High chairs are chairs that have safety harnesses and other features to keep the little one seated in place. They also have trays that can hold food, toys, or other items within arms reach of the child. High chairs are mostly used as a place for infants to eat their snacks and meals in a controlled and safe environment.

When your little one reaches around 4 to 6 months, they will start learning how to sit up on their own. It is at this time that they can start being set in high chairs during their feedings or to hold them during other entertainment activities. This will free up the mother’s hands and teach the child to start feeding themselves.

Around 6 months is when your little one will begin eating solid food, according to Baby List. At this point, high chairs become a near necessity to a mother who wants to control the mess as well as allow their child to reach their food. Regular chairs do not have the proper restraints to keep babies from falling. Chairs are also often times not tall enough for your infant to be able to reach the table.

Older children can use booster seats or other types of seating. This is not the best choice for younger infants as booster seats do not always have the proper harnesses for a younger child. High chairs do have all the proper safety needed for your little one as well as a tray that they can access easily.

There are other safe places for your little one to eat. Some parents let their infants eat while they are strapped in their carriers. Places like carriers do not have a tray to place the food on. They are also much more difficult to clean crumbs and drips out of. High chairs are made with easy clean surfaces. Walkers and swings are both popular choices for places to set young children with their snacks. These add the risks with being movable appliances which can pose the risk of chocking. High chairs are stationary to minimize the choking hazard. They are also placed at a height so that your little one can be next to the table during family mealtimes, which those other appliances do not offer.

Folding high chairs are a popular choice out of other high chairs for several reasons. The main reasons are their portability and easy storage. Folding high chairs can easily collapse and be brought to other people’s homes. They can also be collapsed for carrying them around the house so your little one can eat their snacks in whichever room you are. They can also be collapsed to store between uses. With all the baby equipment needed around the house, every inch of space is precious. Being able to fold up the high chair between uses clears away just a few more of those precious square feet that can be used for other activities with your little one.

Types of High Chair

The most common type of high chair though is the standard high chair. This consists of a chair and harness with a tray. These high chairs offer many additional features as well. Most foldable high chairs will be the standard high chair.

European high chairs are similar to the standard high chair except for one very obvious difference. These do not have trays. They are simply the chair portion and are meant to be used at the table. These are most often used for toddlers to young children. It is a good way to help your little one feel a little more part of mealtime. But, this style also limits where the chair can be used as it does not have its own tray.

The clip-on high chair is an alternative to the folding high chair. It is much smaller so it is sometimes easier to travel with this type of high chair. It is simply a chair that is clipped directly to the table. These have very strict weight regulations and cannot be used as long as a high chair. These chairs are also not universal to all tables, especially if a table is thicker or has any sort of lip.

Booster seats are for older children. They offer many of the same features like a high chair in the way of a harness and a tray. Since they are for older children, the harness is not as secure. It is usually more of a seat belt. The booster seat is usually placed on a regular chair. The seat is then meant to give just a little extra of a boost for your child to reach the table until they are tall enough to reach the table on their own.

A last type of seating is a chair harness. This is not technically a high chair as it provides not type of additional height. It is merely a harness that is placed on a chair to keep your child in place while they eat. It is the most portable and can be used if space is limited when traveling. In this way, your child can sit on whatever seating is provided without them falling. This type of seating should only be used for toddlers and children.

Out of all these types of high chairs, the safest and most versatile type is the foldable standard high chair. This type can hold a child the longest with the best protection.

How to Pick an Ideal high Chair?

To pick an ideal high chair one has to take in notice many things.

One of them is SAFETY. It is the most important aspect before buying a high chair for your kid. If there’s a JPMA seal on a high chair, it’s one of the safest.

You should also consider if your kid is COMFORTABLE in that chair. Buying a chair which isn’t comfortable for your kid isn’t worth buying as your kid won’t stay in it and all your money will get wasted.

Babies are notoriously messy eaters, and that means you need to consider how easy it is to clean up the high chair after a messy meal. Most chairs come with a vinyl seat that can be wiped CLEAN.

Table Of Contents:

Top Best 9 Baby High Chairs

Baby wooden high chair is best for parents like you who want to have a lovely space for your kids to enjoy their meals with the family or enjoy their playtime when you’re doing some chores at home.


  • Easy to clean precious moments disappear fast, make every one count!Gone are the days of wiping down your high chair after every use. With our Removable Tray , it is easier to feed and clean.You simply unlatch the convenient tray and take that over to the sink for a thorough, convenient cleaning. In the meantime your second tray will be at your service for your everyday use.
  • This high chair is as beautiful and tastefully designed as it is safe and easy to use. It is CPSC tested for toddler and mom usability. All new, non-toxic plastics used. Back legs are slightly higher than front for anti-tipping safety. It provides you with a nice wide and sturdy stance for a solid sit.
  • This high chair converts down into a super comfortable and cute child's craft chair. After years of use as your babies high chair this chair will be transformed into it's second life as your child,s accent chair.


  • The tray might be a little difficult to put in and cane consume a few more seconds than usual.
  • This chair is really high in demand so it might be out of stock.
Environmentally friendly materialsThis Modern High Chair are made of sleek beech wood and sturdy hygienic food-grade PP material that meets or exceeds all CPSC requirements and is BPA Free. Perfectly squeezability and comfortness at one place.
The Graco Floor2Table 7-in-1 highchair offers 7 growing stages from infant floor seat to big kid table and chair, creating the perfect seat for every stage!


  • Easy-clean materials include a stain-resistant, wipe-clean foam seat back
  • 3-position recline provides the right angle for baby's comfort
  • 1-hand removable tray with dishwasher-safe, removable insert


  • The tray is fairly heavy and the release button for it is stiff, so I have been unable to remove the tray one-handed which is one luxury I had gotten used to with previous chairs. After all, it's quite likely your other arm will be occupied
  • When you detach the backrest it leaves open holes in the seat where it would have clipped in, and it doesn't take long for them to start filling up with crumbs and other nastiness.
This highchair is made with easy-clean materials including a stain-resistant, wipe-clean foam seatback to make clean-up a snap! This high chair offers two trays: one snack-sized smaller tray, and a larger full-size tray to give you options for mealtime and an easy clean-up.
The Prima Pappa Zero 3 offers convenience and functionality in the form of an ultra-compact high chair! It Weighs only under 17 pounds and with four non-scratching rubber wheels, the Prima Pappa Zero 3 can be maneuvered around the kitchen with so much ease. When dinner time is over, the high chair folds compactly and with little effort.


  • The Prima Pappa Zero 3 is one of the only high chairs that can be used right from the birth of the child because of its full recline.
  • An easy and compact standalone fold features the Prima Pappa Zero 3 to fit into small places when not in use.
  • It has a removable tray with dishwasher-safe liner.


  • The tray seems a bit difficult to put on and take off.
  • Shoulder straps seem a bit large for a 7 month old. There are two positions for shoulder area of harness.
Seven height positioning in the chair enables the high chair to grow with the child, and a removable double tray makes it possible for little one to join the rest of the family at the dinner table. The high chair is offered in many warm colours like chocolate brown and warm beige. Finishing off the design are streamlined, and lightweight aluminum legs of the Prima Pappa Zero 3
The Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair is extremely versatile and flexible, it might be the only dining chair your child needs right from the time they’re six months old through their adult years. In a matter of few seconds this chair will get transformed from a high chair to a toddler’s chair to a dining chair, perfectly sized for people of all ages.


  • The key is the patented EZ-Seat system which enables quick adjustment of the seat and footrest to easily adapt to whoever needs the chair.
  • The stain resistant cushions make cleaning a breeze. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth will remove any mess or dirt left by your child.
  • This Highchair is one of the most durable Wooden High Chairs. It will blend in beautifully with your furniture.


  • This high chair is not compact and cannot be easily broken down for storage.
  • Seat and footrest are adjustable to the size of your child from approx. 6 months to adulthood
  • Made of cultivated beechwood, providing strong, solid and durable product
  • Five-point safety harness

At Abiie safety is our top priority. Therefore, we ensure that our chairs meet and comply with ASTM F404-14 & HR.4040 standards. No harmful substances, such as BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Nitrosamine, Latex and Formaldehyde were used.

Abiie’s sleek and compact design makes the chair’s footprint minimal, its contemporary look will enhance your home and won’t clutter your eating areas.

The 4moms high chair makes mealtime easy. Magnets guide the tray into position without having to use two hands or line up cumbersome rails.


  • It is really easy to clean with a removable foam for wipe cleaning it.
  • 4moms this chair provides a removable tray liner. This is dishwasher safe also.
  • The chair has three adjustable height positions. So the chair will adapt itself according to your child's need.


  • The chair has a short short back. So it might be a problem to your child.
  • The magnetic tray isn't strong enough if you use it with the plastic tray liner.
The bowls and plates stay in place on the magnetic tray top to help prevent unwanted spills and assist with self-feeding. The 4moms high chair is designed with easy cleaning in mind – no fabric to clean or nooks and crannies for food to get stuck.
This chair has been made to fit right up to your dining table to bring your baby into the heart of your family, allowing your little boy or girl to eat, learn, play and develop alongside you.


  • The universal harness is half the price of the Stokke, easier to install/remove for cleaning (the backrest needs to be unscrewed and removed to install and remove Stokke harness, making it a pain to clean) and it’s easier to buckle/unbuckle the baby too.
  • The foot rest can also be adjusted to the child's height, making it very comfortable for kids to sit on
  • The base is designed in such a way that it will not tip back when the child pushes away from the table, and it discourages rocking side to side the way she used to do on a regular chair.


  • The harness can't be removed in the chair.
  • The strap on the seat between the legs does not come off easily.
The Tripp Trapp chair arrives with a guide for positioning of seat and footplate related to age of child. It’s made with water-based, non-toxic paint and no harmful substances (free from bisphenol and phthalates)
A new federal standard (ASTM F404-18) begins June 19th to improve high chair safety. All RCP high chairs are compliant with this new regulation. Active 3-point restraint belt, permanent T-bar restraint, warning labels, and high stability legs are all features.


  • Active 3-point restraint belt, permanent T-bar restraint, warning labels, and high stability legs are all features.
  • Microban technology makes cleaning easier than wood, and provides allover protection from bacteria growth that can cause odors and staining.
  • Chairs are simple to stack and unstack for more compact storage.


  • The price of the high chair is a little expensive.
  • The product is high in demand so may be out of stock.
Microban technology makes cleaning easier than wood, and provides all over protection from bacteria growth that can cause odors and staining. Easy, one-handed maneuvering with built-in handle on the back of the chair.
The HEAO multi-functional infant and toddler high chair is different from the traditional ones. With wheels, 5-angle reclining and adjustable height, it can be used as an indoor stroller or a baby recliner.


  • 7 Height Levels - from coffee table to counter, keep your baby accompanied.
  • 5 Reclining Angles - ideal for for your lovely baby to take a nap after meal.
  • 3-Setting Footrest - gently lift baby's feet, safe and comfortable.


  • The front wheels of the chairs don't rotate. Only the back wheels rotate.
  • The buttons that release the locking mechanism are hard to press in to make the front wheels turn.
Ideal for taking a nap after meal, 5-setting reclining baby high chair for infants & toddlers 6-36 months. Auto-locking mechanism prevents any unexpected incident efficiently.
The chair is designed to fit right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you.


  • Seat and footrest are adjustable to the size of your child from approx. 6 months to adulthood
  • Made of cultivated beechwood, providing strong, solid and durable product
  • Five-point safety harness


  • The price of the high chair is a little expensive.
  • The product is high in demand so may be out of stock.
The intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.


Q) When Baby's Ready for a High Chair?

A) When your kid sit up on his own and is eating solid food which is usually between 4 and 6 months of age. It is often the right time to buy a high chair for your little one.

Q) Is it easy to use?

A) Whether it’s easy to get your baby in and out is the most important concern. Remember to look upon the safety features for your kid. The majority of high-chair accidents occur because parents don’t use the buckle feature.

Atlast, have a market research about the features prevailing in the market. Also, consider the the chair which will be comfortable and safe for your kid.

As you decide on the best high chair for you, be sure to consider your space as well as your lifestyle so you make the right choice for your little growing kid.

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